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Transform your cosmetology or esthetics career with advanced skin care techniques

Enhance Your Skin Care Techniques

Learn from a licensed educator, certified and trained in every skin care service taught

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Choose from any of our esthetician courses at a time that works with your schedule

Increase Your Earnings Potential

According to Indeed.com, estheticians in Tennessee earned an average salary of almost $8500 more than licensed cosmetologists last year for the same amount of hours worked.

Skin Care Learning Center, Esthetician School in Knoxville, Tennessee


For a licensed cosmetologist, becoming an esthetician is the next step in a growing career. You’re already familiar with the salon setting and clients.  Why not have a higher level of services to offer while they’re in your chair?

What if we told you, in some states, your cosmetology license already permits you to perform certain skin care techniques, as long as you are properly trained to perform them?

Your esthetics training makes you more desirable to employers and clients as you gain more confidence in skin treatments and skin care products.

You treat your clients like rock stars.  Isn’t it time you get paid like one?

Is Going to Esthetician School Worth It?

The problem with most esthetician schools is the huge time and money commitment.  Their curriculum requires you to attend night classes for months.  Not kid-friendly, if you’re a single mom!  Tuition is costly, and their attendance policy traps make it nearly impossible to get your money back if you withdraw for a semester.

Skin Care Learning Center is changing all that!

Enroll and take courses on your timetable.  Pay only for the classes you desire to take.  And best of all, earn as you learn.  Add one new skin care service to your menu and leverage the extra income you make to pay for your next training class.

Enhance your career in a matter of days – instead of weeks and months – when you train with Skin Care Learning Center.

Meet Your Instructor, Eileen Kirkham

  • Licensed Esthetician and Esthetics Instructor
  • Associated Skin Care Professionals
  • Trainer Certifications from Aveda, International Dermal Institute, Nufree, GloProfessionals, & Benefit Cosmetics

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